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Mar 2023 Newsletter: Introducing the Hovermap LiDAR System

LiDAR drone image of forest and power lines

Our latest and greatest new “toy” has us flying high with excitement. Actually, it has us flying high, low, in the dark, through tunnels, into caves and everywhere in between. That’s because we are now officially the only drone service provider in the State of Arizona to have a brand new Hovermap STX in our fleet.

The incredible payload can be carried by UAV and is designed to create extraordinarily precise LiDAR maps of previously hard-to-reach places. This advanced technology makes mapping inaccessible areas safe, easy and fast.

There’s lots this baby can do, so we’ve put together a blog about the benefits of the Hovermap and 17 ways that it can be used. Read the details.

Wondering if drone photography can help with your next project? Drop us a line.

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