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Filters For Your DJI Mavic Pro

So the Mavic Pro by DJI - for those of you who haven't had the chance to fly one of these - I promise it is worth the wait - all I can say is it is EPIC!

But it needs filters especially in the harsh bright Arizona reflective sun - for most flights I have to use an ND32 to get my shutter down to 50 fps without everything being blown out. So the argument prevails who is better Snake River Prototyping, Polar Pro, DJI or Renaat - OMG I am confused - well the good news is the first to market and the staple for most of us, are the guys over at PolarPro filters. Check out how cool they look:

Mavic Pro Polar Pro filters by extreme aerial productions

Mavic Pro Polar Pro filters by extreme aerial productions


So now we have a great slip on alternative to help us make the most out of this powerful little unit.

How do they work?

Well here is the rub, you need to be aware of and why you need to watch the video below - had I seen this video first I wouldn't have bought the professional six-pack - even though the Cinema Series at the bottom of this blog which wasn't available at the time I bought my 6 pack! And here is why - you must install the filters each and every time after you have initialized the gimbal and the drone is powered on. Wait you have to put the filter on a powered on gimbal!!!!


I am not sure that this tiny little gimbal is robust enough to hold down like the video shows and have you put a filter on every time you fly - and let me tell you they stick on very secure I doubt they will ever come off during flight as my fat fingers do have a reassuring but tough time in removing the filter after a flight.

But, for those of you who don't need cinema-grade and don't want to spend the extra 50 bucks- go ahead and order this kit for $99- they work awesome and the results are very good - Me? I'm just not comfortable manhandling my Mavic gimbal each time. And for those of you who have this filter set and no Mavic yet, you will have some questions to answer for yourself and what is most important to you. I trust this post will help you make a decision either way.

So now I have some awesome news, PolarPro have just launched the Cinema Series for $149

And they are not only better, faster, lighter and cooler looking, they can be left on at the start up- check out the video below.

So now I am uber happy and I have some bad ass filters that can stay on during boot up and will help save me time in post production. Order yours now for a mid January delivery and while your at it I love my Polar Pro hard case check out my video here it's now 79 bucks from when I bought it that's a steal, trust me grab one as well - it's way better than the fanny pack DJI sells.

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