Golf Courses & Resorts

Want to increase bookings? Imagine the impact when you send out an aerial video of a signature hole or share a fly-over of your entire golf course. Both former clients and new inquiries will be itching to get their spot on the green! Our expert drone pilots can shoot and produce a stunning golf course aerial video that your clients will never forget.

Showcase Your Club With Golf Course Drone Photography

It can be challenging to encourage guests and players to choose your golf course or resort. Extreme Aerial Productions can help you set yourself apart from the competition by creating stunning aerial videos of your golf course and resort.


Using our professional drones, we can capture the entire experience on film, from the moment the guest arrives to their room or golf locker, to finding the clubhouse or bar, to the first reveal as they walk onto the grounds or the slow meander towards the practice green. Our 3D videos can capture it all.

Golf Course Fly Over Videos

Our golf course flyovers paired with expertly filmed ground videos will give past and potential clients the complete experience. Remember that the anticipation of an experience is what sells. From a player’s approach to your signature hole to the door opening as a guest walks into the fine dining restaurant, our video build excitement through emotion, texture and tempting glimpses into all you have to offer.


Our aerial photography and video services combine technology, experience and passion for our helping our clients—and you’ll see it all of our finished products. We promise they’ll rival any PGA or NBC production, all on an Arizona budget.


Golf Course Videography Portfolio

View a sampling of our golf course drone footage, taken by the professional drone pilots here at Extreme Aerial Productions.

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