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Tethered Drone Services

Whether conducting a traffic survey, filming a sporting event or monitoring security in a given area, Extreme Aerial Productions is one of the top providers of tethered drone services in the country. Specialized tethered drones offer a bird’s eye view over an extended period of time, providing you with reliable, comprehensive data and footage.

What Are Tethered Drones?

Traditional drones run on battery power giving them flexibility of movement but limiting their time in the sky to about 20-30 minutes. Tethered drones are powered by a generator so that footage can be captured over longer time periods. Using a cable (tether), our professional drone pilots attach the UAVs to a generator so that as long as there is fuel, our drones can keep flying.

Tethered Drones in Traffic Studies

Tethered drones have many potential applications, but are most commonly used in traffic studies. They offer an optimal solution for traffic studies because data must be gathered over a long period of time in a relatively small geographical area. Plus, the vantage point of a drone flying up to 300 feet in the sky provides far more data from a much larger area of road than a normal street-level traffic camera.

Benefits of Tethered UAV Technology

Tethered drones can be paired with additional technology and software, such as thermal imaging. In traffic studies, this provides greater insight into the flow of traffic and wear and tear on the pavement to help predict future erosion and potholes. More importantly, drone technology can trace pedestrian activity, including jaywalkers, and count vehicles to produce coherent congestion patterns and highlight safety issues — especially at busy intersections and in the path of light rail vehicles. Detailed information from drone photography can save lives, increase the lifespan of a given stretch of road, and make repairs more cost-effective.

Is the Future Tethered?

Drones have a promising future ahead of them and batteries will no doubt become increasingly efficient, allowing for longer flight times. Until that day comes, tethered drones have the advantage and can be effective in a wide range of situations.


In addition to traffic studies, tethered drones are a perfect fit for:

  • Long-duration data collection

  • Safety

  • Security

  • Live broadcasting

  • Concerts

  • Sporting events

  • Time-lapse sequences

  • Thermal time-lapse inspections

Extreme Aerial Productions is one of the top providers of tethered drone services in the country and is playing a crucial role in pioneering this technology and its applications.

Tethered Drone, Extreme Aerial Productions

Are you ready for takeoff, knowing you have a safety line?

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Tethered drones can go as high as 300 feet
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