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Corporate Video Productions

Corporate video production and aerial drone photography is an enormously powerful tool for showcasing your business, your location and your process to clients. And, of course, aerial drone photography is increasingly used in television and film. At Extreme Aerial Productions, we use our professional drones to create videos for TV, film and corporate clients across the US.

Professional Drone Photography for Every Industry

Our expert drone pilots are regularly hired to create videos for corporate use. The Extreme Aerial team has used drone photography to capture everything from a team building day in an office to the process of constructing a swimming pool.


We have carefully flown our drones inside an office building to promote a new drink launch. We’ve filmed inside automobile dealerships, creating 360 virtual reality tours of new car models so sales reps can send them to potential buyers. We have even used our most high-definition cameras to film the process of open heart surgery.

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**Unfortunately, because of privacy agreements, we can not share most of our corporate videos on our website. Please contact us for references and examples.

Drone Photography for TV Productions

Extreme Aerial Productions has been hired by dozens of big-name television and movie companies. We have used our expertise in drone photography to create high quality productions for directors, producers, cinematographers and broadcasters. Composing that perfect shot for tv, film and commercials requires a carefully honed set of skills—and we’ve got them!

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Filming for TV: It's What We Live for!

We love doing drone photography for TV because it's demanding, challenging and highly rewarding. We know how important it is to keep a low profile and be aware of our footprint on set. Our drone operators know they often have mere seconds to compose the right shot and ensure that our footage is perfectly exposed, balanced and graded in flight.

Professionalism  - So You Save Time in Post

We understand that when we do our best work, time in post is dramatically reduced. So we strive to get just the right shot each time. We listen carefully and always hold ourselves to the highest performance standards.

Our Clients Include: Ferrari, A&E, Discovery, ID network, BEIN, Netflix, Audi, Ford and BMW

Corporate Video Productions Videography Portfolio

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View a sampling of our real estate drone footage, taken by the professional drone pilots here at Extreme Aerial Productions.

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