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Aerial Topos and Drone Inspection Services

Using advanced PPK drone technology, we produce detailed, interactive maps of vast tracts of land. In just two years, we have created over 400 aerial topos for dozens of clients. Extreme Aerial can provide you with detailed drone videography that maps out thousands of acres at a high resolution, ready to send in an instant to engineers, land surveyors, cell companies and more.

Big Picture, Small Details

Since the new release of post-processing and real-time kinematic (PPK) drones in 2018, we’ve been able to up our game when it comes to creating aerial topos. When conducting drone inspections of large tracts of land, we apply this new technology to produce aerial topos to 1/10th of a foot or better—every time, and without ground control. Even though we always use ground control for ground truthing the models!


To create aerial topos of land tracts as large as 1000 acres and more, we use one of the fixed-wing aircraft in our fleet. These high-altitude drones allow us to produce aerial topos of land areas as large as 2800 acres, all to the finest detail.

Partnering with Engineers

The ability to map from the air large parcels of land, and at a very high definition, provides invaluable data for engineers. We work closely with engineers and send them data within hours that can easily be absorbed into Civil 3d, CAD, Agtek

From Inspection to Design—in Hours

Advanced drone technology means the time from inspection to design can be just hours. Using our aerial topos, engineers can start designing immediately. Then, they can validate their designs by comparing it with our maps. Aerial topos are extremely helpful when it comes to finetuning designs and planning large projects before a land purchase is complete.

Applications of Aerial Topos

Drones can be used to inspect nearly anything! Imagine that anytime a human would have to climb a ladder, a drone can be used instead. Drones are faster, safer and much more cost effective. Plus, drones are able to capture what they see on film, precluding human error and preventing the need for humans to double-check their estimates.


In the world of inspection, the rule of thumb is that only 15% of what is inspected ultimately needs to be repaired, maintained or replaced at any given time. But mandated annual or semi-annual inspections means that most infrastructure must be inspected. Using drones, these required inspections can be quick, affordable and completely safe.