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FPV Drone Services

For the last few years the FPV Drone World has been analog.  This made seeing what you needed to film very hard, and the technology to carry a good production quality camera almost impossible. Combine that with the culture of racers and pilots with great flying skills but limited production experience using an FPV was looked at as very limited.

That has changed just in the last 12 months, cinematic footage can now be captured for 2 reasons:

1    The miniaturization of hi-resolution cameras, and the tech to broadcast to a video village is now a daily occurance.

2    People love drone footage and are getting numb to the "normal" drone shots and want that swooping, horizon melting shot, all with the premise of keeping the audience engaged as the camera flys into tight spots, leaving the audience with a new level of excitement. Not just for the story but how did they do that feeling. This has now become high demand on our shoots.

We at Extreme pride ourselves in using cameras any way we can "to get the shot".  FPV is a natural evolution of what we do, so if adding it to the production value, doing entire commercials using FPV Drones, whatever the use case, we enjoy creating something special and engaging.

fpv remote control TARANIS X12S, FPV REMOTE CONTROL
iflight protek 35, DJI hd fpv goggles, indoor fpv filming
FPV drone in black and white
FPV money shot v2

Money Shot V2

Another cinematic FPV Drone joins the fleet thanks to Neil and the team at Catalyst Machine Works. This Money Shot V2 lets us stretch our legs and cruise at 99mph while capturing whatever the creative team needs us to at any location.

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