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Advanced Thermal Drone Inspection

Drone technology has come a long way and now there are so many thermal drone business cases that you may never have thought of. As level one thermographers

here at Extreme Aerial Productions, we are committed to assisting you in every step of the way.  If you are looking to hire a company to support your search team or just want to broaden your knowledge, let us show you the amazing possibilities of our thermal drone solutions.

Thermal Imaging Drone Technology Explained

Drones are quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing assets assisting EMT, police, and search and rescue teams. With more advanced flying capabilities and maneuvering, this should not come as a surprise. Not only can drones provide updates to the search team, but they can also give life-saving assistance to victims in distress when they are waiting in the crucial period before help arrives. 

Of course, though, none of this can be made possible without using thermal imaging drone technology that can quickly spot objects by emitting infrared light. Once this light takes in and computes a wide variety of elements, the sensory element builds an in-depth pattern out of the different temperatures.

We use thermal drones to:

  • Search for people who have gone missing on highways

  • Find stranded hikers that are lost in the outdoors

  • Detect irregularities via drone thermal inspection on solar panels in a photovoltaic power station

  • Spot potential flashpoints in a forest fire in an effort to assist firefighting crews

The Convergence of Lifesaving Measures and Thermal Drone Inspection

Not too long ago, when hikers were lost, they had to helplessly wait until first responders arrived at the scene. Today, search and rescue units can offer real-time assistance and updates before help arrives with drone thermal mapping, which can quickly locate the hikers, unlike any search and rescue team could do in the past. In addition, once the thermal drone locates the missing person or people it can report to them that help is on the way. 

By using the drone’s video camera, we can relay live images to the control team, allowing them to prepare rescue kits. Another very practical use is that the drone can relay any important messages to the victims. The victims can receive emergency equipment, like water, snake bite kits, and a two-way radio. 
After the missing party is located, it also aids the search and rescue team by plotting out the quickest and safest route to them, thereby saving valuable time.

Ready to Use Drone Thermal Inspection and Save More Lives?

View some of the videos and images below that showcase our thermal drone abilities.

Other Practical Ways to Harness Thermal Drone Solutions

A thermal drone inspection over a forest fire might sound odd, but using thermal imaging, a drone can easily spot potential flashpoints and help firefighters put out a forest fire. This technology is already helping put out blazes across the country. 

Another practical use case is for solar parks. A quick thermal drone flight over a solar park can easily detect if any solar panel is not operating at its fullest potential. This alone can help companies optimize their solar panels and maximize their revenues.


Extreme Aerial Productions provides the most cost-efficient and newest technology when it comes to advanced thermal drone solutions.

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