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Construction & Landscape Architecture

Civil works. Infrastructure projects. Landscape and hardscape. These types of projects can benefit enormously from professional drone photography. Extreme Aerial Productions is one of the few drone operators to offer this service. Capturing aerial footage of landscapes and construction zones requires a unique skill set that we have —and are mastering.

Drone Photography For Construction Companies & Landscape Architects

Many landscape and hardscape architects have clients who aren’t local. They can look at a plan and drawing, but it can be difficult for them to conceptualize the completed project before is realized, particularly when immature vegetation is used. Bottom line: it’s virtually impossible to imagine how the area will look in 5 or 10 years.

Create a Visual Representation Of Your Project

Our aerial footage, professionally edited and produced, will give you and your clients a visual representation of the project. You’ll be able to see how the landscape will look when the vegetation has reached maturity. Let us capture the video you need, with the orthomosaic you want!

Applications of Drone Photography or Landscape Architecture

We have done many construction and landscape architecture projects, and all of our footage is done to an accuracy of one centimeter.  We eat geotiffs, chew on OBJ files and we love some KML and KMZ sprinkles. So bring on these site surveys, rail inspections and thermography requests—we can do it all!

Here are just some of the ways we have used drone photography and videos for past clients:

  • Images and videos to show what 100,000 cubic yards of concrete looks like

  • Production of an OSHA safety video of construction equipment

  • Surveying construction sites monthly/weekly from inception to completion for investors & insurance companies

  • Analysis of stockpiles, including volumetrics

  • Creation of 3D models

  • Before and after shots of asphalt projects

  • Footage of a demolition project (We love filming those!)

construction willmeng drone imagery arizona

How Can we Help You?

And guess what? Our drone operators will even bring their our own OSHA and ANSI-compliant hats, vests and boots.

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Construction Video Portfolio

View a sampling of our construction drone footage, taken by the professional drone pilots here at Extreme Aerial Productions.

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