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Drone Roof Inspection

Since the dawn of time, roofers have been climbing up houses to build and repair roofs. From pre-historic thatched roofs to modern slate roofs – and everything in between – roofing has always been serious business. Today, roofing is getting a much-needed high-tech facelift when it comes to the practical application of surveying damaged roofs. 

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Drone Inspection Helps Roofers in Every Aspect of Their Game

Roofers are quickly looking up to aerial survey drone solutions to help them get the fastest and most reliable data. In the past, roofers would climb up to a roof and map out a roof to see where there was any damage. The whole process could take days to coordinate, especially in the case of inclement weather. Besides, roofers could be exposed to brutal weather conditions, both hot and cold, while they carried out their work.

Well today, Extreme Aerial Productions changes all of this for good. A drone inspection with high-resolution imaging takes a fraction of the time, can be done in almost any weather, and is much safer than sending a roofer to the top of a house.

A drone roof inspection cost is certainly very reasonable with Extreme Aerial Productions and you get so much value for your money, including high-resolution video and photographs that map out a roof like never before.


  • A drone inspection affords the most accurate measurements and roofing calculations 

  • Drone roof inspection is a much safer and more cost-effective option

  • Our aerial survey drone scans and surveys a roof much faster than any human being

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Why a Drone Roof Inspection is Right for You?

Roofing is a tough, physically demanding business. Whether it comes to fixing or even just repairing a tiny fragment of a roof, roofers spend a lot of time out in the elements. Using drone inspections technology, you can eliminate this aspect of the job and get far better results in less time and cut your costs, too.

Think about all the scaffolding and climbing equipment that you need to assess a roof and rarely is it a one-person job. And remember that when you send people up, you also have to pay very close attention to ever-changing weather patterns and ensure their safety. So, you end up spending precious time planning and coordinating a roof inspection with so many people, including the homeowners and your crew. With a drone, you can forget all of that and start inspecting roofs without this tedious coordination. 

Extreme Aerial Productions and can conduct a drone roof inspection in a fraction of the time. The best part is that you will receive advanced imagery that up until now was unattainable. 

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Who Are You Going to Call for a Drone Roof Inspection?

Extreme Aerial Productions has been in business since 2014 and is regarded as one of the most professional drone companies in the area. Not only will you receive the highest standard aerial survey drone, but you will also get top-notch customer service, guaranteed!

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