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7 Ways that Drone Photography Can Save You Money (and Time)

Drone photography can save your business serious amounts of time and money, and often in ways you might never have imagined. Using a professional drone photographer or videographer can enhance your business’s brand and improve upon the quality and scope of your business’ visuals. With professionally edited and produced aerial footage, you can impress your clients and stand out among your competition by creating visual representations of your projects and demonstrations of how they can look in the future. Drone photography is also a safer and more cost-effective way to survey roofs, construction sites, and other hard to reach areas.

extreme aerial productions drone image of roofing project

Here are just 7 examples of the way that professional drone photography can help boost your business, and your bottom line.

  1. Construction projects Whether civil works, infrastructure projects, or landscape/hardscape, a drone can act as a cost-effective project assistant for your construction needs. Through the use of aerial photography, you can survey construction sites and project how they will look in the future for investor companies (helping you raise capital) or insurance companies (ensuring that you get a lower premium). Depending on which type of drone you use, you could make 3D models, orthomosaics, topography to better than a 1/10th of a foot, volumetrics, or do a vegetation analysis (such as with one of Extreme Aerial’s favorite drones, the DJI RTK 210 Matrice). These will help clients/owners see the true potential of your project, and give them a clear idea of what the finished product will look like compared to the final design as the project grows.

  2. Selling real estate Real estate drone photography can help give your real estate business a marketing leg up on your competition and increase your sales. Statistics show that 90% of homebuyers begin their search online. And a recent study by the Multiple Listings Service (MLS) reported that homes with aerial images were 68% more likely to sell. Instead of a broker spending to charter their own plane and somehow take picture-perfect film at altitude, a drone can give potential buyers a full visual of the entire property with photos and video at a fraction of the price. Using a drone for real estate can showcase both the property and surrounding neighborhood, proximity to schools and other amenities, home landscaping, and detailed pics of the quality of the home. At Extreme Aerial, we even help agents create a digital listing portfolio, which enables them to share home pics and videos to interested buyers anywhere in the world. Want to dominate your farm? Have us video you on a lifestyle subdivision tour - a day in the life of as it were, that’s the secret to winning listings and buyers in your community.

  3. Home builders If you’re a home builder/contractor in the process of developing new properties or subdivisions, aerial photography is the most efficient way to promote new lot releases or show new developments before they’re completed. For us doing a time lapse video update from scraping the land, to garding, to curb and gutter to models at sticks and bricks stage - when updated and sent out to teh interest list has been the most successful campaigns in recent years. Through digital editing, you’ll be able to increase conversions by allowing your customers to get a feel for what the final product will look like before it’s finished. Rather than simply seeing a plot of land, they’ll be able to see the property in its entirety, and be able to visualize themselves living in the upcoming neighborhood.

  4. Golf course/resort bookings Looking to increase bookings at your golf course or resort? Instead of merely posting pictures of your amenities, show your customers what their journey at your upscale property will look like. You’ll be able to capture your customers’ entire experience, from the moment they check in at the lobby, to opening the door to their luxurious suite, to when they first walk onto the golf course (imagine: a fly-over of the entire course and video of your signature hole). Storytelling has been shown to be a powerful marketing tool, able to convert buyers much quicker than traditional marketing methods, saving you time and money.

  5. Selling cars The automotive industry is incredibly saturated. One way to rise above the competition is to give potential customers an experiential shopping experience. Show, don’t tell, your vast selection: the models you have in stock, what you’ll be able to custom order, and how it would feel in 3D to be behind the driver’s seat. At Extreme Aerial, we can use 360-degree video footage to show off the entirety of your dealership and stock. From their phones, prospective buyers will be able to see options for trim packages or the specific year/model they’re interested in. You can show off your state-of-the-art alignment systems or email/text customers about new model releases, complete with detailed images and interior video.

  6. Roof estimates When working with a client on their roofing project, aerial photography has the ability to be helpful time-saver. A drone roof estimate only requires the use of one drone, and takes somewhere between five to twenty minutes. Sometimes roof estimates are unpaid, so the ability to do one with a drone can save you hours and labor costs. Rather than taking the time (or risk) to climb up yourself to take photos, a drone will do it for you, taking incredible, detailed photos that wouldn’t be possible on your own.

  7. Corporate clients Need to impress a corporate client or knock an investor pitch out of the park? Drone photography or videography can showcase your business in amazing detail. Why simply describe your office synergy when you can show a video of a team building day?

extreme aerial production drone image of building construction with crane

If you’ve recently had a successful product launch, you can share the experience with others. And we mean really share it: at Extreme Aerial we’ll do (almost) anything to crystallize the moments that mean most to your company, such as the time we carefully flew our drones inside an office building to promote a new drink launch. We even delivered 4 Rolexes a night for 3 nights in a row to hardworking sales reps as a surprise bonus! Your amazing digital marketing moments won’t just be a single investment; you’ll be able to share the product experience again and again.

If you’re wondering, “Are there any good drone services near me?” look no further than Extreme Aerial Productions. We work in all 50 states and are FAA-approved for commercial drone operations day and night—plus we’re backed by the best aviation insurance money can buy.

*Why wait to save your business money and time while boosting yourself above the competition? Get a quote today and see how drone photography can help you!

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