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Drone Solar and Power Inspection

Safer. Faster. More Accurate.

UAVs offer countless advantages to the solar and power industries. From planning and construction to inspection and maintenance, Extreme Aerial Productions uses drone technology to provide power companies, PV farms and solar plants with highly accurate data that translates into massive savings in time, manpower and equipment utilization.

Your One-Stop Partner for Solar

Extreme Aerial Production provides a comprehensive solution for solar companies and power plants across the country. We have helped companies like INVERGY, McCarthy and QCells achieve maximum safety, efficiency and revenues - before, during and after installation.

Solar panels

Highest-Quality Images: Our drones take ultra-high resolution videos and photographs providing you with detailed visual data of your panels, tracks, conductors, insulators, and other components.


See the Big Picture: Often located in remote locations, PV farms are becoming larger, making surveillance that much more challenging. Drones can easily, safely and quickly survey thousands of acres of panels, regardless of where the farm is located.


The Smallest Details: AI-powered, high res images mean we leave no stone unturned. Discover small vegetation obstructions, know which knot is faulty and which bolts are over-torqued. 


Thermal Imagery: Equipped with thermal imaging capabilities, our drones can detect equipment damage, faulty connections, overheating wires, inefficient panels and more.


Real-time Data Transmission and Analysis: Captured data is sent instantly to ground control stations or cloud-based platforms, facilitating quick analysis by inspectors and engineers.

Going Where Only a Drone Can Go

Drones offer versatility, accuracy and insights that can not be achieved through traditional inspectional methods of solar plants and power lines. From a bird’s eye view down to the smallest details, we’ve got you covered.

LiDAR Mapping: We use photogrammetry and LiDAR to create 3-D maps of the site, measuring distances to subtenth accuracy and assessing the terrain. Experience unmatched accuracy in surface-to-fit design. 

Our surface compared to the surface the project had to design to in the beginning.jpg
Anomoly cross section of surface
Panel design

Get crystal clear data, efficiently and safely. Every step of the way.

DJI Matrice 300 RTK v3.png

Solar and Power Plant Construction and Operations, Streamlined

Better Results, Every Step of the Way:

1. Before Construction Begins: 

We use LiDAR and photogrammetry down to 0.5 in per pixel to create detailed 3-D maps of the terrain and our accuracy on surface-to-fit is unmatched. Plan better for the build-out while maximizing protection to the natural environment.

Photogrammetry and LiDAR
1. Before Construction
2. During Panel Installation

2. During Panel Installation:

We monitor the installation of the solar footings and perform mechanical visual inspections of the tracking. Quickly identify abnormalities, ineffective parts and other errors while contractors are still liable.

3. When Connecting to the Grid
Hot commission work

3. When Connecting to the Grid: 

We inspect the substation, the transmission lines and every parcel of solar panels before the power company connects to your grid. Ensure the connection goes off without a hitch.