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So You Want to Be a Commercial Drone Operator - Are You Sure?

I created this short but lengthy video to help explain to clients, customers, production houses and colleagues just what it takes to be a legal commercial entity, to be compliant with the FAA and why we need to do what we do now - yet only a few months ago we could do whatever we wanted more or less right?

I wouldnt be here if it wasn't for meeting some amazing individuals like Jonathan Rupprecht, Sarah Nilssen, Gus Calderon and Joe Ernster. Reach out to me and I'll get you in touch with these incredible people who live breathe and speak dronish.

I love flying drones and I want to do more, and I want to help educate so everyone plays fairly and safely in this incredible digital medium of flying caneras...Enjoy the video...


Thanks for stopping by and reading and watching: So you want to be a Commercial Drone Operator - are you sure?

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