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Extreme Aerial Goes Extreme Industrial

So as technology moves at an alarming pace - just keeping up with it even when you are in the industry is a monumental task. So how do you the reader stay up with how best to use drones in your business, how do they really benefit you? How much time, money and economies of scale will you save? But most importantly how easy it is to disseminate the gargantuan amount of data drones can collect?

Drones in hi viz colors so as to be safe on job sites

Well my rule of thumb for all my construction and industrial clients, be it using Thermal, Lidar, Orthomosaics, 3d modeling or simple mapping to the centimeter. Just ask us, we will keep you unto date - because chances are as wild as your imagination is - there is already a solution, or if not, by the time you are able to implement an adoption policy for drone usage in your business, what you want will already have been invented!

Number question I get asked is: "Hey! Mark can you do this?" to which I reply "of course." Or if not "by week after next okay?"

The shrining size of drones and their increasing abilities

So where am I going with this. In the next 30 days we take delivery of the first in Arizona a new inclement weather, dust proof, magnetic interference proof, cel phone tower interference ignoring Drone thats can carry 2 sensors below and even one on top! You need LIDAR, YOU NEED THERMAL, YOU NEED MAPPING, YOU NEED SURVEYING, YOU NEED ORTHOS ~ We got you covered with almost instant delivery of data that even TBS's Bob The Builder can understand and act on. See whats coming.... click image below to play

Why do we need that, why do you need that. Simply because we can, and our clients expect that we expose them to the latest advances that then help them save money, time and manpower. It's imperative that we recognize we really are a tech company that flies drones not the other way round. So our clients have an expectation of leveraging tech while getting value. If my company does differentiate it will die...For example the latest in thermal imaging with instant radiometrics:

click image below to play

And finally this amazing camera that helps us get pin point decision making pictures from a mile away, for those tough to get into spots...

click image below to play

Yes this article is long, but so is the decision making process in any firm. If project managers, owners, marketing departments, safety teams, can just take a step back and assimilate the information above very quickly they will see not the need for what we offer but the necessity.

Call us to talk about the value based pricing we offer to our clients, be your interest in testing out what drones can do, to wanting to buy one and have us help set up your drone department, learn from us as it were, we are here to help...what's the harm in a phone call? 480-744-5707 Or if you are new school just email us

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