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Cuzumel and a DJI Mavic Pro

So Cozumel a tropical island in the Caribbean seas with listerine blue waters. This is a dronies mecca for images and flying that will overload the senses.

But what do you need to know?

At last check, drone regulations in Mexico were basic:

  • All drone flights must be operated in daylight only

  • There are no laws on operating drones weighing under 2kg other than they cannot be used at night.

  • A permit is required for operation of drones weighing between 2kg and 25kg

  • A permit and pilot license are required for operation of drones weighing over 25kg

  • Despite the lack of Mexican drone laws you should still be careful when operating a done in Mexico. Try to maintain visual contact with your drone at all times and avoid flying over large crowds or near airports1

So based on the Mexico weight guidelines a Mavic Pro would not need a permit to be flown in Mexico because it weights less than 2 kg. A Phantom 4 Pro drone, which weighs just over 1.38kg, would also not require a permit.

A DJI Inspire 1 or Inspire 2 drone would require a permit, as they weighs just over 2.845kg and 3.44kg respectively.

However! You need be aware that the airport has a DJI imposed hard stop NFZ only 2.5 mile radius and then right as you walk one block out of the NFZ towards the best scenery for flying - The Cruiseline docks - BAM! Signs everywhere Prohibido Drones which are also on the Policia guard shacks. This for me was a real downer as the Disney cruise ship was in and I wanted to check out the huge water slide that was a giant clear tube on the upper decks and would have made an epic shoot as the ship dwarfed the horizon, and those giant ears always make me smile.

Another surprise was that the Intercontinental hotel had imposed a NFZ at their location so when you flew towards it the Go App prevented you from flying too close. But it didn't show on the main NFZ log?!

So the lesson here is you're not gonna know til you get where you are going to as to where you can fly!

Good News:

I had zero issue with customs on my mavic equipment and batteries I had more hassles with an allen key set for my dive housing for my dslr where they confiscated that and a 1ml tube of silicon grease as I was leaving Mexico!

Pictures are great Mark what about some video from Extreme Aerial Productions?

So here is a quick and I must say rushed video when I arrived I realized while I had 4 batteries with me I had left the charger and charging adapter at the front door. So I was left with 4 half filled batteries for 10 days ahhhhhhh! Not my best flying nor my smoothest but it gives you the idea of why you would want to travel with this versatile little drone and what can be achieved with a drone with little power and no nd filters in manual mode. (yes they were left with my charger - durrrrrr)

For anyone reading this if you want an amazing resource anywhere in the world my friend and counsel Sarah Nilsson has books and resources on what to do everywhere you will travel please support her

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