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Best Filters for your DJI Spark

Well, PolarPro did it again made filming, post production and image capture easier.

Thanks goodness for ND Filters especially where I live good old 112 degree AZ! Where the reflective light is so hard you often need a ND64 just to get down to 50FPS. Where the reflections off the concrete start to melt the props and SD cards regularly delaminate in your top of the line DSLR.

So how do they work? - Simple with a crisp click and a snap they wrap around the camera and click into place, they are sturdy, precise and hold on very well.

I must thank the guys at PolarPro for having the smarts to produce a PL filter - so for when we fly indoors the reflections from glass and bright surfaces is minimized.

Okay so we have an assortment of filters ND and PL, PL , or just straight ND all great for the varying light environs we find ourselves in.

I know, I know, I can hear some of you already saying "Stop yapping Mark and show me what they look like"... okay here goes...

So what are we looking at? All settings are the same as if I was filming so that is a constant 1080p 30fps Shutter at 60 ISO at 100 - so as you can see with a PL unusable, same for the 4 and 8 PL and ND. However the ND16 AND 32 Make this little guy pop - So now you know why the DJI SPARK

needs sunglasses - Also bear in mind my preference is the ND32 as the Spark had the sun on his back the 32 for me will prevent total blow outs when flying towards the sun. This little guy now is usable on the beach!

So get hooked up with PolarPro - if you don't you will be disappointed!

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