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DJI P4R RTK/PPK Is it worth it?

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

6 weeks in, 28 missions down - How accurate is it? How reliable is it? Does it work?

Let me share with you real world application on using this new UAS workflow.

Lets start off with the Pros and Cons after all that all you care about eh?


Much more accurate than a p4pro using GCP's

Controller and overall build quality much better

Joysticks are protected with rubber booties

Upgraded antennae system.

Overall much more robust feeling and fit and finish is better.


To get consistent sub 1/10th accuracy - need to combine with better GCP's and run PPK.

Cost of an additional RTK base station and no the M210RTK Station won't work!

Controller now uses a crystal sky battery - doesn't last long enough.

Small screen.

KML files must be loaded via micro sd in the controller.

No desktop preplanning/ Mission Control.

Antennae system still not strong enough for construction sites.

App provided needs more logical workflow built in clunky currently.

At low altitudes ie restricted airspace where this is being used is too slow to be viable 4mph at 100 feet at a 75/75 overlap - runs 8-9mph if you fly a regular p4 using DroneDeploy.

No other mission planning software allowed.

Inability while flying to truly zero in on the map as it keeps resetting itsself.

The inability to select an entry point of your choosing.

Obstacle avoidance randomly turns on....and when it does....

The app screams at you in Chinese when obstacle avoidance turns itself on and the mission stops - she sounds really pissed off too!

Overall. it is an excellent option, favorable price point, well built and efficient at what it does.

But if you want to get the accuracy claims - again DJI Marketing! You need true ground control, the ability to tie into a Trimbal/Topcon or Leica control file. Dont' rely on standard nails and a TBM or shooting a point or 2 - you need redundant control and the site to be truy calibrated prior to flying it.

If you use Propellor and its system then you too can deliver results like this: we have delivered our best result verified by 3rd party 0.3 over 483 acres, and averaged over the last 28 missions .73 DEM to our clients. But you don't get that by just buying the UAV - there is much more to it!

DJI - Please hurry up and get to serving your enterprise clients with real personal support, follow-up and help. Enterprise customers need to be able to use their dealers for buying more equipment not bogging them down with requests of how does this work, or why doesn't this feature do this! They can't get info back on their questions either - We need an in-the-field direct help line to back up the expense we are paying for - so when the chinese lady starts screaming at us again, we know its gonna get fixed on the next update.

If anyone needs help getting the system dialed in I am not a dealer - just happy to help.

Mark Taylor Chief Geek for www.extremeaerialproductions.com

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