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Using Drones for Real Estate Photography: 6 Unexpected Benefits

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Real estate drone photography and videography is an incredible way to help sell homes. Drone footage can give a significantly more detailed view of your buildings than plain photos can. It can save you time and money, alleviate any buying concerns your customers might have, and tell a property’s story. If you’re looking to sell a mansion, home, lot, subdivision, or commercial building, our experienced aerial real estate photography and video experts at EAP can give your listings the attention they deserve.

Check out these 6 unexpected benefits that aerial drone real estate footage can provide:

  1. Shows the big and small details

  2. Saves you money

  3. Saves you time

  4. Provides buyer peace of mind

  5. Can be used multiple times

  6. Tells a story

1. Shows the big and small details.

Aerial photography and video will allow you to show a bird’s eye view of your full home and property, such as with Extreme Aerial’s top of the line drones. But that’s not all! You can also use drone footage to create a virtual tour of the home’s interior. From the basement to the attic, drones can show potential buyers every nook and cranny of your listing. Unlike a simple photo, which is limited in how much detail can be shown, a drone’s imaging possibilities are endless.

Did you know?

According to this real estate drone study:

  • 83% of sellers prefer to work with an agent who uses drones.

2. Saves you money

In the past, taking overhead photos or videos required the use of a chartered helicopter. Today, real estate aerial photography allows for sweeping, landscape shots at a fraction of the cost. Hiring an experienced drone operator will save you a great deal of money, while still providing unbelievable video and photos. Call us for a free project quote today!

3. Saves you time

With a drone, you can photograph a home plus its property in 15-30 minutes for 30-60 minutes of video. Think how much faster that is than having to painstakingly take all the photos of the inside and outside by hand. You’ll also have the ability to show a client a home’s full exterior, its relationship to local amenities, proximity to schools and major roads. This will also enable you to sell property anywhere, not just in your immediate surroundings.

4. Provides buyer peace of mind

Real estate photography can give interested buyers peace of mind in the property they’re considering by not only giving them a feel of the house, but the neighborhood as well. They’ll be able to see proximity to stores and schools, full street views, landscaping, and even be able to assure the quality of the chimneys, gutters, etc. They’ll feel more comfortable moving forward with the sale by knowing exactly what they’re buying.

5. Can be used multiple times

Real estate drone videos and photographs can be used multiple times to attract more future buyers. In fact, drone footage can help you showcase an entire neighborhood or community, showing the parks nearby, the playgrounds and the schools. You can then use the same videos and photographs each time you are selling property in this area. Whenever you’re selling more than one home in a particular neighborhood, it’s worth it to get some aerial footage of the neighborhood and neighboring towns/landscapes to show potential customers the value of your location. Your initial drone photography investment will pay off time and time again.

6. Tells a story

Drones can tell a story instead of simply showing an image. Capturing content with aerial footage elevates your storytelling capabilities. For example, you could show off your property with dramatic, wide camera angles, or use time lapse photography to give your viewers a stunning glimpse of the landscape around your building. Realtors who recognize how to get strong leads using drones always follow the rule of first promoting the neighborhood, then the community, and then the product. Aerial photos and videos offer one of the best ways to do this.

At Extreme Aerial, we create digital listing portfolios for real estate agents, which include the following:

  • 15+ stills

  • 4k video with digital tracking callouts to point out local amenities

  • Plat map drawing where needed, phasing identified

  • Step-by-step marketing plan to ensure you leverage all parts of your business.

  • SEO of images and video so you retain the google juice, not the MLS

  • ​2 videos: unbranded and branded

  • And a video website designed to boost your SEO and syndication

Want to see our work?

Ask us about our custom marketing videos, the branding videos we create for our partner agencies to help them win more listings and buyers.

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