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Our Best Drone Photography of 2022

2022 was a busy year for our drone pilots here at Extreme Aerial productions and our work took us far beyond Phoenix and Las Vegas. We did aerial traffic surveys using tethered drones, purchased 10 new drones and shot plenty of FPV (first person view) footage for commercials and real estate projects.

It was hard to pick our favorite drone videos and images, but tough jobs never deter us! Here’s a look at our top aerial photography from 2022:

4 Best Drone Videos from 2022

1. What Does a Commercial Drone Pilot Do All Day?

First and foremost, we put together this montage showing a day in the life of a drone pilot. We get asked all sorts of questions about what we do all day and there seem to be a lot of misconceptions that we’re eager to clear up. Since drone photography is our mother tongue, we decided to answer those FAQs with this video compilation:

2. Phoenix State Capitol Dome Renovation

We were privileged enough to document the stunning restoration of the Phoenix Capitol Building’s copper dome. Shooting the project over a period of 12 weeks, we created this video to capture the beautiful transformation of our city’s iconic building.

3. Tech of the Future: The Power of LiDAR

We’re totally amazed at the possibilities created by LiDAR technology. This video shows how self-flying LiDAR drones make deliveries possible in just minutes. This true aerial robot is a game-changer:

4. The Sizzle Compilation: The Power of Drone Imagery

Aerial photography can be used to create powerful marketing materials for almost any business or industry. Whether you’re in real estate, sell cars or want to promote your hotel, aerial footage showcases what you do at a whole new level and makes a powerful mark with your target market.

6 Best Drone Images from 2022

1. A rare few people get to see the Grand Canyon like this. These scenes were shot from a Hopi reservation. The spectacular winterscapes were captured while shooting a commercial for Hoka running shoes.

2. This image was taken while working on a commercial for Progressive Insurance at the Tempe Town Lake motorcycle shoot. We felt particularly lucky since we got to fly in restricted airspace. With permission, of course.

Watch for the commercial to drop this February nationwide!

Tempe Town Lake Drone Image

3. It’s all about the clouds! This image captures the beauty of this new custom home, highlighting its unbeatable location in the Arizona desert.It’s all about the clouds! This image captures the beauty of this new custom home, highlighting its unbeatable location in the Arizona desert.

Drone shot of new home in the Arizona desert

4. The Phoenician is a luxury community with a variety of housing options. We captured these two images while shooting footage for their new website.

5. We captured the building progress on the impressive VAI Resort Hotel. Set to open in the coming spring, the destination will be the largest hotel and resort in Arizona with over 1200 rooms!

Thanks to our amazing partner Suntec for having us showcase their incredible work across the valley.

Building progress on the VAI Resort Hotel Arizona

6. For kids and adults alike, there’s something fascinating about watching a building be utterly demolished. This past year, we flew by twice a week to capture the demolition of the Department of Corrections building here in downtown Phoenix. Cathartic.

A special thanks to SJ Anderson for having us film this. Get ready for the video, we'll be sharing when it's complete.

Want more?

Here’s a look at some of our favorite drone photography.

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