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Dec 2023 Newsletter: How Do We Film Black Gold? The EAP Road Edition

This past year, we’ve “hit the pavement” from a variety of angles. We work with many awesome clients in the road works sector and we dedicate this newsletter to these great companies and the hard, quality work they do.

Sunland Asphalts Tackles the Ultimate Stage

Early in 2023, we were on-site in Miami when Sunland Asphalt tackled the impossible task of rebuilding the F1 track at the Miami Dolphins Stadium. It is, as they told us, “the world’s biggest stage for milling and paving.” Our filming captured how they did echelon paving and how every millimeter matters in Formula One.

Extreme Paving

What does it look like when you mill, pave and tack a busy road in the middle of the Arizona desert? This video we did for Paveco shows the process.

Paint Striping in Style

This is how we roll. Or at least, this is how they roll at Combs Construction. The video compilation we did for them captures cool striping, filmed from the air. These guys are striping in honor of NASCAR. 

Definitely watch ‘til the end. (That’s where the really cool stuff is!)

A Detailed Look from Above: Digital FlyOvers

The next video shows some digital flythroughs of road surveys we recently did for WSP. We took to the air to document the existing conditions for this section of Broadway Road.Digital flyovers are a unique service we offer at Extreme Aerial that brings a touch of innovation to project communication. They provide valuable information and help our clients visualize their projects in a way that's refreshingly straightforward. We use drone technology to create a very dense and accurate point cloud; then we recreate the project in a video format 

It's like having a virtual tour that simplifies the details. Having it in final video format makes it easier for our clients to understand what's planned, what's ongoing, or what's been completed, depending on the project's scope.

It’s a far cry from the traditional approach of dots on paper. Take a look and decide for yourself! 

Look Ma, We’re on Broadway! 

We’re using our drones to conduct monthly surveys on the I-10 Broadway Curve. We can use our advanced drone technology to get highly accurate earthworks calculations. We used various PPK drones to navigate the airspace above Phoenix Sky Harbor to precisely calculate the amount of material moved for earthworks. These careful calculations of the area and volume of earthwork help minimize the overall cost of the project by making it easier to balance the cut and fill of soil on the site. These flights are being done as part of the I-10 Broadway Curve Improvement Project, which runs along 11 miles of the freeway in Phoenix. 

Scanning Underwater

We created this video to show just how awesome underwater Topo is - yes it’s a thang! Using LiDAR and Lite Wave Tech, we DO underwater drone photography! We’ll share more soon about how and why it works, and what you can expect from the most cutting-edge tech of today. In the meantime, sit back, be entertained and marvel at this!! 

In the Mood to Party - for a Cause?

To get you in the mood for the New Year, we wanted to share this fun-filled video we filmed at a recent fundraising event. The event was to raise money for Chandler Compadres, and the important work they do helping families and children in Chandler and the East Valley.


Mark and the EAP Team

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