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6 Reasons You Shouldn't Do Roofing Estimates without a Drone

Roof estimates are no fun. They take time, are dangerous and more than a little bit hot during a Phoenix summer. And many times, we have to do them without getting paid. That’s why drone technology is revolutionizing this process, making it quick, affordable, safe and yes, even cool. (As in cold, that is.)

Instead of the old manual way of collecting data for your roofing estimate, we use advanced drone photography together with specialized software to offer an easier, more efficient, and more economical option, to say the least.

The Benefits of Drones for Photography for Roofing Estimates

Drone aerial photography produces high-resolution photographs of your roof, a powerful tool for residential roofers, commercial roofers, as well as solar installers – basically anyone who needs to examine the intricate surfaces of any roof. Using drones, the Extreme Aerial team produces high-resolution photos and videos that give you extensive data about every inch of your roof. And we can package that data in various formats, so you can integrate and apply it with any of your industry tools and software.

So, out with the old, in with the new. Here are six reasons why you should use drone photography for roof inspections from here on out:

1. Drones are safer than manual roof inspections:

With falls being the leading cause of death and injury on industrial job sites, the use of aerial drone photography almost entirely avoids these hazardous issues. For structures with intricate architecture and designs, we use unmanned drones in order to access these possibly high-risk areas. Drone photography surveys the roof for you, eliminating the need for ladders and multiple people climbing onto a potentially dangerous surface. Avoid the risks of collapsing roofs, insect bites, and falling equipment.

2. You save time (And time is money)

Depending on the size and features of the roof at hand, and after a little preparation, drone inspection can take anywhere between five to twenty minutes to complete. And you only need one drone! Avoid the time-consuming process of multiple workers calculating their combined collected data. Upon completion of the inspection, the data is transmitted to the software and a report is generated in just minutes.

3. Almost 100% accurate calculations

Drones capture multiple images at one time, and the drone mapping technology can take measurements of square footage, surface area, slope degrees, and pitch, with a consistency of almost 99% accuracy. The high-resolution images produced are then analyzed with the sophisticated industry leading software, which draws up an outline including all the angles of the roof.

4. Drones won’t burn a hole in your pocket

Even though its new technology, drone roof inspection costs are much lower than the average manual roofing inspection. One single drone can eliminate the cost of scaffolding, climbing equipment, and the transportation of multiple workers. It leaves you more time to complete more work. Depending on how many drones an inspector has, one inspector can technically complete a few jobs in one day, and even conduct operations from the comfort of his/her own office.

5. Aerial photography gives you access to in-depth data

A lot of crucial information is gathered through the high-resolution images, details that a pair of eyes cannot see in one inspection, especially when it comes to the hard to reach spaces. Should an inspector still need to climb onto the roof post drone inspection, they can use the high-resolution data in order to approach it more cautiously. Another advantage is that you can use a drone multiple times over a single roof, allowing you to collect a range of images, and track changes over time as well as throughout the construction process. Even enabling you to prove to insurance companies hail vs wind damage.

6. Reduced labor costs means reduced insurance costs

With fewer workers and equipment on-site, and barely any regulations pertaining to health and safety, there are less risks involved and therefore less things to insure. Furthermore, the drone technology allows employers to prove the lack of a fudge factor; the high-resolution images can pinpoint locations with possible damage, the level of damage, and the plausible causes of that damage.

So there you have it! Six reasons to use a drone for your roofing estimate and we didn’t even have to dig very deep.

Extreme Aerial Productions, offers professional, licensed and insured drone services across all of Arizona and the southwest.

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Dec 18, 2021

A certified roofing contractor is experienced and qualified enough to finish any job from certifying your roof to fully ripping down your old roof and replacing it with a new and more effective one.

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