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Here’s How the New SIRAS Drone Is Expanding Our Horizons

SIRAS professional drone

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of our fleet, the sleek, sexy and super-savvy: SIRAS.

Versatile and highly sensitive, SIRAS is an IP54-rated professional drone that includes both thermal and visible-light sensors.

Created by Teledyne FLIR, SIRAS offers a range of benefits that we’re excited to start utilizing on behalf of our clientele. Engineered specifically for data security and optimal performance, our newest UAV is ideal for utility inspections, scanning industrial areas, search and rescue, and more.

Here are just a few of the killer features the SIRAS offers:

  • Interchangeable payload system

  • Front collision avoidance

  • Swappable batteries

  • 31-minute flight time

  • No restrictive geofencing

  • Made in the USA

These features mean our pilots can safely fly the device wherever and whenever we’re needed. Plus, the images produced by the SIRAS are outstanding, thanks to the gimbaled dual camera Vue® TV with a high-resolution radiometric thermal (FLIR Boson®) and a high-resolution visible camera payload.

Why We Invest in the Best Technology. Always.

With so many drones in our fleet, you may wonder what compels us to buy yet another new UAV or payload. Part of what sets Extreme Aerial Productions apart is that we’re dedicated to always making sure we own and operate the best technology on the market. We constantly keep tabs on new technologies and developments and when we discover a new product that can help us do our job better, we never hesitate to invest. The same reasoning explains exactly why we recently purchased a new (kickass) Hovermap LiDAR system, too.

Key Advantages of the SIRAS Payload

Here’s a list of the key advantages that SIRAS offers, and why we’re proud to be able to put it to use for clients.

  • Unbeatable image quality: SIRAS provides best-in-class imagery and is compatible with our photogrammetry software. That means we can use it to generate extremely accurate, reliable and detailed data.

  • Outstanding FOV: The Vue TV128 camera has a thermal horizontal FOV of 32° and a visible camera horizontal FOV of 67°. The front radar has an impressive 100-foot reach, with a 38⁰ FOV that works in both day and night situations.

  • Thermal imagery: SIRAS offers high-performance thermal and visible light imaging. Using novel FLIR MSX® technology, the SIRAS is the only drone that adds visible edges and outlines to thermal imagery, which provides critical information in real-time.

  • Strong Zoom: The 16MP visible camera delivers clear, pinpoint details with a 128x zoom, and the 640x512-pixel FLIR Boson® provides sharp thermal imagery with a 5x digital zoom.

  • Wide Range of Operating Temperatures: SIRAS is designed to withstand temperatures from 41°F - 122°F. Plus, the drone calculates accurate temperature measurements during flight.

  • Obstacle Avoidance: SIRAS has front-facing radar to avoid objects in front of the aircraft and an array of sensors on the underside of the aircraft which detect obstacles on the ground.

  • Speed: The SIRAS can achieve 40 mph ground speed in windless conditions while in Sport Mode. In Position Mode, the maximum is 13 mph.

  • Data Security: This was clutch. We’ll discuss more in-depth, below.

How SIRAS Helps Us Safeguard Data

The SIRAS was intentionally designed without any ability to connect to the cloud. There’s no Bluetooth, Wifi or cellular capability. This means that all data and images remain within the device until they’re carefully uploaded to an external source, by a registered pro.

The SIRAS stores imagery on a microSD card, and everyone who purchases or flies a SIRAS is required to set up an official online profile with Teledyne. This adds an extra layer to security and helps ensure that only approved users have access to flight data.

Finally, the American-made SIRAS boasts several important certifications including CE mark, FCC certification, RoHS & REACH compliance.

Pretty cool stuff, huh? If you’re curious to learn more about how we’re using SIRAS and our other professional drones, stay tuned… We’ll be sharing more in future blogs and newsletters.

Outstanding drone imagery can be a total game changer in a variety of industries, from real estate and construction to agriculture and commercials.

Think drone technology might be able to boost your business?

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