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October 2022 Newsletter: A Day in the Life of a Professional Drone Pilot

Adjusting a drone before flight - Extreme Aerial Productions

We’re often asked: What do you really do all day?

You see, many people have a slight misperception about drone work. They imagine that we fly drones all day from our living room couch and spend summer months working on our tans as we fly from the beach. As if!

Want to see what we really get up to 7 days a week?

To answer this FAQ, we put together a video showcasing a day in the life of a drone pilot. No, we don’t spend all day long sunbathing by the shore, but we do have a lot of fun. One of the most exciting parts of our work is the incredible variety of projects we get to be a part of—all of which require hard but rewarding work. Yep - we love what we do!

Look appealing to you? We are hiring! If you’ve got the qualifications, send us a message via our LinkedIn listing.

We’ve been more than a little busy…

Drone take off - Extreme Aerial Productions Arizona

Now you have a better picture of what we do every day, but did you know that we are on the State JOC list? That means our pricing is approved and our clients enjoy all kinds of advantages when working with us.

Here’s a quick review of what we’ve accomplished as of late:

  • 475 miles of road inspected across 41 individual projects, like this stretch of road. Don’t you think it needs some love?

  • 26 CAD and line-work projects covering everything from ALTA to boundary work, subdivision planning, sewer expansion, or even tying in fiber connections on 15 miles of road and your run-of-the-mill right-of-way and chip seal operations.

  • 41,000 acres of desert mapped for a variety of projects.

  • 153 job sites visited, including roof inspections, solar installs, progression and more.

Just to highlight how much fun we have had…. We managed to wear out not one, but TWO Nissan NV200 vans! Both of them hit 165k miles and had creaking chassis that sent us carefully wobbling down the 101.

Luckily, our AWESOME CUSTOMERS made it possible for us to upgrade and buy 2 new Ford Mavericks! True, it came at about the worst time ever, what with the car industry being what it is… but no more getting stuck in the desert! Thanks to everyone who has helped our business grow!

Ford Maverick work truck - Extreme Aerial Productions

Look Ma, we’re on TV! Well, in the media at least…

We recently had the pleasure of tackling 3 new movie shoots and participated in an amazing documentary at Window Rock for National Geographic, filming from the ground and air. We’ll be sure to send out the link as soon as it airs, but for now, check out this historic landmark.

Our work was even featured in a national magazine. Turns out that our clients reached out for a non-paid, non-advertorial article about Mapping the Landscape for Drone Surveying. Thanks everyone!

The Joy of FPV

Many of you know how much we enjoy First Person View (FPV) filming. Well, here is an example of commercializing our joy! We filmed a community in Tempe in the framing stage for a Cul De Sac to showcase their product… Let us do this for your projects? Contact us!

Coming soon in the next season of EAP…

  • We are proud to announce that we have been awarded an on-call contract with Maricopa Association of Governments for our traffic study work. Check out how we do that here.

  • We also received a 3rd Wingtra fixed wing with an oblique camera, thanks to Sitech Southwest. This allows us to up our game in 3D modeling and the digital twins we create.

  • Colorado will be getting some drone love with roadway work on the i70. We’ll fly and map a roadway and right-of-way expansion plan designed to reduce accidents in problematic stretches of the highway. Here is a recent digital fly-through of the Meadows Project and yes the detail is from the point cloud not a video of the project!

  • Finally, Vegas baby! Progress on the Dream Hotel has us returning more every month for the mapping work and marketing progression.

Did you know that Extreme Aerial has 2 geospatial scientists on staff?

They do all our linework, CAD calcs, and more. We fly, we drive, we draw, so you get the most out of your data as fast as possible. We will share more of our 2022 expanded deliverables in the next newsletter, but in the meantime, you can see the complete alphabet soup of everything geospatial we do on our ordering form..

You’ll be surprised how fast we can clear your backlog of projects, like when we flew, processed and delivered 100 miles of road between Douglas and Globe, AZ in 13 days!

Need some aerial shots?

When it comes to drones, whatever you need, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re never afraid of more hard work!

Want more videos?

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