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Unleashing Our Creativity: EAP Welcomes the DJI Inspire 3 Onboard

DJI Inspire 3 drone

Among the impressive array of drones gracing the skies, few drones have captured the attention of professionals like the DJI Inspire 3. With its cutting-edge features and top-notch performance, it has become a must-have tool for cinematographers seeking to improve their craft and capture content that truly wows audiences.

And Extreme Aerial Productions is no stranger to this appeal. We integrated the Inspire 3 into our drone fleet last year, and haven’t put it down! 

So what makes this drone so exceptional that we couldn’t live without it? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Inspire 3 and how we’ve been putting this baby to good use.

The DJI Inspire 3: A Closer Look

Design and Durability

The DJI Inspire 3 prides itself on a sleek and aerodynamic design, emphasizing style and functionality. Made with durable materials like carbon fiber, it promises longevity without compromising on agility. This sturdy build provides reliability even in challenging conditions, a reassuring feature for professionals in the field.

Imaging Excellence

Equipped with a Zenmuse X9 camera which features a large Micro Four Thirds sensor, the Inspire 3 captures high-quality footage with incredible clarity and range. From sweeping landscapes to intricate details, its imaging capabilities excel in diverse shooting scenarios, delivering professional-grade results every time.

Performance and Flight Stability

Powered by advanced propulsion systems and intelligent flight technology, the Inspire 3 offers impressive stability and precise control. Pilots can fly confidently in challenging environments thanks to smart obstacle avoidance sensors. Extended battery life allows for nearly half an hour of flight time, with plenty of opportunity to capture the perfect shot.

Innovative Features

The Inspire 3 includes several features designed to enhance the filmmaking experience. Intelligent flight modes like ActiveTrack and Point of Interest simplify complex maneuvers, while obstacle avoidance technology ensures safety during flight. These features and intuitive controls allow users to unleash their creativity without limitations.

The DJI Inspire 3, like any other device, has its upsides and downsides. While it boasts impressive features and performance, there are also some things to consider. Let's take a look at both the pros and cons of this drone:

Pros and Cons of the Inspire 3

Let’s break it down. Here’s our Cliff’s Notes — a review of the top pros and cons of the DJI Inspire 3: 


  1. High-Quality Imaging: The Zenmuse X9 camera delivers professional-grade footage with exceptional clarity.

  2. Reliable Performance: Advanced propulsion systems and intelligent flight technology ensure stability and precise control.

  3. Innovative Features: Intelligent flight modes and obstacle avoidance technology make for a seamless UX. Your pilot’s best friend!

  4. Durable Construction: Carbon fiber build ensures durability and reliability in various shooting conditions.

  5. Professional Design: The perfect combo of form and function, the sleek design delivers on both aesthetics and performance.


  1. High Cost: The Inspire 3 comes with a premium price tag, potentially limiting accessibility for budget-conscious users. If you hire us for a drone photography project, however, you get all the benefits of the Inspire 3and you don’t ever have to buy one!

  2. Learning Curve: Mastering the drone's full capabilities may require time and practice, especially for novice users. Each of our professionally trained drone pilots has spent many hours training on the Inspire 3 and has mastered the art. 

  3. Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to local regulations and airspace restrictions is essential, adding complexity to flight planning.

  4. Size: It’s a large and heavy drone that’s not comfortable or easy to carry over uneven terrain, despite the kit including a trolley case.

Making the Best of the Best: EAP in Action

The DJI Inspire 3 has been in our lineup since it first hit the market. With its update and the slick new RTK remote, this drone significantly reduces the workload for solo dual-op flights, making run-and-gun shoots much less taxing. We at EAP love the power and precision it brings, turning every mission into a smooth, efficient ride.

Remember that MLB shoot at Chase Field last month? Yep, that was us, alongside Marcello from Saturday Night Live, armed with our DJI Inspire 3. Epic! 

At EAP we carry an array of drones in our fleet, check out the rest of our drones for production!

The DJI Inspire 3 has taken our aerial cinematography to the next level. It's top-notch imaging, smart flight features, and robust design have turned challenging projects into stunning successes. While mastering its capabilities and dealing with regulations can be tricky, the incredible footage we capture makes it all worthwhile. From epic shoots at Chase Field to intricate film projects, the Inspire 3 consistently delivers. Here’s to more sky-high adventures and breathtaking visuals with this powerhouse drone! 

Looking for professional drone film services? We've got you covered.

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