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The Freefly Alta 6 drone multi-rotor unpacks, ready to shoot, in under five minutes. It is easy to fly in our hands, powerful, rigid, adaptable, reliable and is a UAV optimized for up to 15-pound payloads. Confidently fly RED, ARRI and - using our custom-built setup - we can fly the Nokia OZO and other professional cameras. Our Alta 6 is guided by a state-of-the-art SYNAPSE flight controller. Did you know we can even top mount a camera set up with the MOVI M15 to get those epic underpass shots, launching a whole new way of cinematographic expressions. 

Let us show you our skills with this heavy lift rig. Got a car chase? Downtown shot with close proximity filming? This rig has you covered!

ALTA6 drone photography
ALTA6 drone videography
ALTA6 drone

Catalyst Machineworks First Person View (FPV) Cine Drones

Money Shot 2 Mini

In shooting for cinema, the Money Shot by Catalyst Machineworks is the go-to drone for pretty much every professional. Extreme Aerial is proud to be one of the select few drone operators to have this killer piece of equipment in our arsenal. Not for the faint of heart, the Money Shot has a top speed of 99 miles an hour and weighs in at 15 pounds; it has a payload capacity of 5 pounds. This baby can follow a race car around a track without skipping a beat.

money shot 2 mini
Money shot mini 2 on playground


Designed for professionals just like the Money Shot Mini, the Cinewhoop is engineered for safety. Catalyst Machinework’s carbon fiber cage means that you can film around a million-dollar car at 99 miles an hour without fear of scratching or damaging it. It can hold any cinema camera/lens combo up to 3.5LBS and fly for 5 minutes at "whoop" cruising speeds, while capturing steady, smooth images.

cinewhoop drone
Money shot cinewhoop drone

Mini Cinewhoops

These drones are perfect for the "One Take" and close proximity to talent. While they are capable of acrobatic moves, we typically use our 5 and 7 inch drones to achieve those director shots. 

Mini Cinewhoop on playground
Mini Cinewhoop Extreme Aerial Productions


This drone is perfect for simple shoots and even inspection work due to its small size and great transmission capabilities.

DJI Avata fpv drone Extreme Aerial Productions
DJI Avata fpv drone

5 & 7 Inch FPVs

These drones are perfect for fact action and stylized flight moves, such as driving, building and chasing cars.

5 and 7 inch Johnny FPV by Lumenier
5 inch Johnny FPV by Lumenier
7 inch Johnny FPV by Lumenier

DJI Inspire 3

The sleek DJI Inspire 3 is a sleek, sexy and aerodynamic beast. With unmatched accuracy and precision control, it’s a cinematographer's dream. The Inspire 3 has the most advanced image processing system and supports Apple ProRes RAW video. Its improved, aerodynamic design allows for an impressive maximum dive speed of 10 m/s and a vertical ascend/descend speed of 8 m/s. Maximum flight time is 28 minutes. Now the nerdy stuff 8k pro res, 4k 120fps, 14 stops of dynamic range and a lens package to cover any and all needs on set.

DJI Inspire 3 drone sitting on rocks
DJI Inspire 3 sitting on rocks

DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine

The DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine is ideal for filming TV, movies and commercials. It comes with a triple-camera system, including the four-thirds Hasselblad camera, which produces vivid colors and natural transitions between highlights and shadows, preserving rich visual information with a greater sense of depth. It captures a remarkable 1 billion colors with a 10-bit D-Log color profile. The main camera uses a 24mm lens together with a 70mm medium-tele camera and 166mm zoom tele camera for precise framing. With a maximum resolution of 5.1K at up to 50 fps, the Mavic 3 Ori does slow-mo 120fps with DCI 4K mode. It shoots video at 4K/60fps and snaps images of up to 48 megapixels. The tele camera supports a f/3.4 aperture and 4K/60fps video. What sets the Pro Cine version apart from the standard Mavic 3 is support for the Apple ProRes encoding and 1TB of internal storage.

DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine drone
DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine drone on playground

Freefly TERO

The Freefly TERO introduces a completely new way to move the camera. The system allows for an extremely dynamic low camera angle coupled with full 3-axis control of the MōVI stabilizer to create never-before-seen shots. With our custom Vibration Isolation System on a car as smooth and agile as this, you’ll rethink what is possible from a chase car. Imagine a low-banked camera shot at 30 mph as the fight scene in the van happens from a 30-inch off-the-ground perspective with a RED Helium.

Freefly TERO drone
Freefly TERO drone photography

Freefly Wave Slo Motion Camera 1440 fps

Small, light, and insanely fast, the Freely Wave is an ultraslow motion 4K video camera. Designed to be the most efficient high speed camera, the Wave processes up to 3,774,873,600 pixels per second while consuming less than 5mW. Versatile, it can be attached to a Mōvi Pro, an Alta X or as a crashcam in the tightest places.

Freefly Wave Slo Motion Camera 1440 fps

Kinefinity Terra 4K

The Terra 4k drone is a beast in a small package. Weighing in at only 990 grams, we can throw this on our drones with cinelenses, handheld gimbals and make run and gun and gorilla shooting a breeze.

High-Speed Dual Native ISO: TERRA 4K

The TERRA 4K employs a whole-new, high speed and low noise CMOS image sensor featuring Dual Native ISO: 3200/800. It easily captures low-noise and wide-latitude images in regular scenes or low-light environments. The native frame rate of a 4K CMOS image sensor is up to 160fps, so the TERRA 4K can record 4K wide up to 160fps, 3K wide up to 200fps and 2K wide up to 320fps. At the same time, its rolling effect is very low due to the high native frame rate, even running at regular fps, and the latitude also reaches the main standard for high-end camera: 13+ stops. It’s very convenient and powerful. This is all great but what about the glass we use? (So glad you asked.)

MAVO Prime Lenses

The MAVO lenses are designed specifically for large format cinema cameras. The optical quality is superb and there is nearly no distortion even with the lens wide open. The diameter of image circle of all the lenses exceeds 46.5mm, which can cover MAVO LF/Venice FF, RED Monstro VV/Alexa LF and C700 FF. Its ultra high MTF value allows it to support 8K resolution on Full Frame. The T2.0 aperture on a large or medium format cinema camera ensures we can easily create a shallow depth of field and a smooth focus fall-off for pristine cinematic images.

Kinefinity Terra 4K drone equipment
Kinefinity Terra 4K equipment drone potography
Kinefinity Terra 4K lenses, drone photography
DJI Inspire 3
DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine
Freefly TERO
Freefly Wave Camera
Kinefinity Terra 4K
5 & 7 Inch FPVs
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