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Oct 2020 Newsletter: This Summer We Managed to Put Miles on Our Drones and Vehicles: From Tulsa to Texas to Tubac

We’re not slowing down.

While it may seem like the world has come to a screeching halt, here at Extreme Aerial, we’re still flying high. In fact, in the past 5 months, we reached a new milestone: 10,250 missions flown!

Since our last newsletter went out, we have mapped 105 job sites and our result is .085 of a foot as an average on all surveys. Like we said, we’re not slowing down.

Here’s a look at what’s new—from how we’re handling COVID, our new Blackhawk pilot (that’s you, Bryce), and a new satellite office in Vegas. Plus, as always, we’ve chosen some of our favorite pics from recent projects. But before we delve into our Arizona projects, you should know...


We’re Going to Vegas!

After multiple client requests, we’ve expanded our flight operations, and opened a new satellite office in Nevada. The cherry on top? We’ve received the first-ever drone waiver of its kind: Day and night, we can fly directly inside the McCarran International Airport as part of a 3-year project for McCarthy Construction. So, for those of you in Vegas whom I’ve met and are holding onto my card, give us a call and let’s make it happen!


mortenson construction wind turbine and crane

Surveying Wind Turbines: Feet on the Ground, Eyes in the Sky

We completed 650 miles of flying for Mortenson Construction, conducting a wind turbine survey and analyzing road grades and dirt moved. As part of the project, we inspected 166 footings ready to receive their turbines which hold 3 blades (each of which is 208-feet long!) Turns out, that’s no easy task!


We Launched Drones That Stake and Robots That Mark Your Job Sites

Check out how we launched a drone staking, and job site robotic marking service, helping our clients fix a pain point when dealing with design changes, utility marking in rapid response and cost-effectiveness - we even have stakes that talk back to you!


man in camouflage suit standing in front of a van

We’ve Got a New Uniform

From the first rumors of the outbreak and through to today, we always did and always will take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. We are all adjusting, and we’re all in this together. For us to comply with the new safety measures, we had to get creative. Check out how good I look when I put safety first.


drone image of 5G tower from above

Helping Bring 5G Service to More Arizonans

With the vast expansion of 5G, engineers have their work cut out for them. They need to confirm the structural integrity of the newly installed equipment, figure out the best placement and length of cables needed, measure accurate azimuth, and tie in fiber and power into the newly installed units, all with the utmost level of precision. With help from our drones, engineers can create an accurate 3D model and work more efficiently. In preparation for this winter, we’ve gathered a specially trained team to go out and tackle the expansion of 5G. The team will be mapping over 2,000 towers in and around Tulsa, ranging from 150 - 1,500 feet in height. 

Here’s a peek at one of these cell phone towers in Tulsa.


long horn cows in a field

Farming the Land, Planning from the Sky

This Texas dairy farm is looking to grow in a few different ways, and we’re happy to help. The Extreme Aerial team headed to Texas to help them figure out how to best combine their new carousel production with a new layout for a methane reclamation project. With all this in one environment, the best way to plan is to get an aerial view. Luckily, that’s our specialty.

Remarkably, we made our dairy farm rounds this summer. (And even got some fresh ice cream as a treat.)  Our second dairy farm shoot was in Maricopa, Arizona. This one already had their methane reclamation project installed. They were eager to show off how operations are going and to use aerial footage to share how they’ve successfully been reclaiming cow poop and selling it back into the grid.


This Could Be Home

Here’s a shot of the new subdivision of Dorn Homes, in Tubac, Arizona. We filmed a lifestyle video for them, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it came out. Stay tuned for our next newsletter.


With a Drone, Even Watching Paint Peel Can Be (Almost!) Thrilling

Though it’s not always the most exciting job, it’s certainly an important one! Here’s a video shot during a building inspection for peeling paint erosion and concrete breakdown. We’ll leave the results up to the experts.


Apodaca window

Quality Control from the 23rd Floor

If you’re not Spiderman, the next best way to complete a window inspection is to use a quality drone. We captured, in detail, a 23-story building in order to determine the quality of the window installations for all 542 of them. Upon completion of the building, we’ll follow up later with our thermal cameras to check if the AC is leaking after installation. So stay tuned!


thermal image of solar panels

Everything Looks Cool in Thermal!

For a warranty claim on a roof inspection with thermal panels, we used our thermal camera to check for undetected membrane leaks, wear and tear, and to make sure that the solar panels are operating efficiently.

This summer, we thoroughly inspected a roof that was 1 million square feet! This inspection was important to validate the installation, and enable any future warranty work to be identified early on. Can you imagine trying to do that without a drone?


white semi truck on asphalt

The Drone vs. The Big Rig: Guess Who Won?

Ever chased a new electric big rig around a racetrack from the air? We did! In order to prove the power, towing capabilities, and the amount of time it takes to discharge under a full load, we followed him closely. The results? The range was 800 miles under a full load, on battery power. Not bad.


Rubbing Elbows with the Rich & Famous

Hope you’re sitting down for this one… We filmed a famous rockstar’s home in Scottsdale. Not because we’re fans, but because he’s putting his home up for sale, and he wanted quality footage. We wish we could tell you who it was, but for confidentiality reasons, we can’t disclose his name. (Have we said too much already?) Just trust us, it was amazing.


Bryce Parker standing in front of a helicopter

Meet Our Newest Pilot, Bryce Parker

We’ve got a new member, and we’ve got many reasons to be excited about him. Bryce Parker, a native Arizonian, Blackhawk pilot, and soldier of the year, has joined the ranks of EAP.

Want to know more about him?

Bryce Parker played soccer for Pima College, where he studied mechanical and electro-mechanical design. He joined the Army Reserves in 2014 and served with the 492nd Civil Affairs Battalion, where he worked as a Civil Affairs Specialist (38B). In 2015, Bryce was selected to compete for the “Soldier of the Year” competition in the United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (USACAPOC). Needless to add, he took first place! A few months later he competed once again, this time against the top of the top in each command, and once again, he took first place! Later that year he represented the Army Reserve at the Department of the Army Best Warrior Competition. Bryce was accepted into flight school in 2017 and currently flies the UH-60 Blackhawk for the Arizona National Guard. He lives with his wife Sydney. They both share a love of the outdoors, and enjoy camping, hiking, going on adventures with their dog scout, and flying drones.


We Still Love Flying

They say you never work a day in your life if you love what you do. And we love what we do! It is a bummer that with winter approaching, the days are getting shorter, which means no more 14-hour days of flights. But hey, hot chocolate?

Call us for all your drone needs!

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