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March 2021 Newsletter: Our Way of Counting Time

It’s been 7 years since all this began, but drone operators measure time a little differently, in missions. In just the last 4 human years, we’ve flown 12,000 of them! 

That’s a lot of flying, (over 8 missions for each day!!) and we couldn’t have done any of it without you and the requests that have challenged us to push our boundaries: Can you fly a drone and get this specific image? Can you fly higher than ever before? Can you fly a drone and rub your stomach at the same time? Ok, that last one never happened, but you get what we mean. You have led us and joined us on some amazing journeys.

So, in honor of all of our great clients, here is the picture that started it all and helped us get discovered. RIP Thor my Frenchie:

Frenchie sitting in the yard with his eyes shut

We've Expanded - Extreme Aerial has a New Vegas Office!

(And of course, a new website to go with it.) 

Check out our new Las Vegas website and be sure to let all your friends in Nevada know that we're there for their drone needs.

Roadworks in an Interesting Locale

“We need you to fly 25 miles of road expansion every month. Can you do it?” 


Kermit, Texas.” 

“Sure, let us just finish up on Sesame Street. Then we’ll pick up Miss Piggy on the way.”

As it turns out, this was no joke. Kermit is a very real place near the border with New Mexico, and we were being brought in on a major road project between the small town of 6,000 and Midland, Texas, nearly 100 miles away.

We are very proud to employ the latest and greatest fixed wing, PPK, and GPS technology to help establish the state of existing conditions, compare new designs to what’s already in place, and help navigate the challenges of a road project this large. Combined with our new linework and CAD exports, we can get really precise with the materials moved and stored. Our flights also tell the team just how much material needs to be crushed and transported from the 120 acre quarry attached to the jobsite.

This is what we live for. We love the smell of asphalt in the morning!

New Aircraft, New Services, Who Dis?

It’s still us. As we bring in more pilots and take on bigger jobs - 7,700 acres is our largest project to date and we have been commissioned for !!20,000!! acres in May - we want to keep pushing the bounds of flight time and accuracy, while meeting and exceeding survey standards with our survey and engineering partners. 

That’s why we got the Trinity F90+ (seen above). These are just a few of the benefits it brings us:

  • Flight time of 90 minutes 

  • Swappable payloads for multispectral, thermal and even Lidar cameras 

  • An obscene level of resolution: From 400 feet, every pixel is .6 of an inch on the ground

  • Linework and sheer volume of data that far surpasses traditional aerial methods 

Thanks to this beautiful machine, our team of photogrammetrists can now provide linework, cleaned surfaces and digital models that engineering firms can make the most of and surveyors now feel comfortable stamping after ground truthing. For any non-drone enthusiasts out there, this is ground breaking stuff in our world. We owe everyone who pushed us down this path of hyper-precise aerial data collection a big thank you.

Speaking of Aerial Data Collection…

Check out our aerial data collection order form. It’s a work in progress, but that’s one of the reasons we decided to share it now. We would love to hear your feedback on it. If we use your idea, you will receive a flex fit hydrocool extreme aerial baseball cap on us.

Filming by Drone Where No One Has Before

Fresh air flowing in and out of your lungs, the runner’s high that kicks in after a period of steady, rhythmic movement, one foot after the other, propelling you through the space of your environment and the lost time of your thoughts…

Every halfway serious runner knows the famous brand Hoka. It was a huge honor to film for them, but it was even more meaningful to film the Navajo Nation and Navajo side of the Grand Canyon. This is what we live for: to be creative, challenged and enjoy breathtaking subject material. Stay tuned, we will post a link to the TV commercial when it airs, but in the meantime, we can show you these gorgeous shots we captured. We were told that no one has ever filmed here before by drone!


DJI FPV Drone on a marble table

“Not another drone,” our wives groan.

“But honey, now I can fly through listings in 4k, and raise production value.” 

We may or may not have slept on the couch the night the DJI FPV arrived, but what could we do? Everyone’s inner child comes out over something, and for us, it’s drones. 

That excited, nerdy part of us says we should see just how closely we can fly around cranes. Then there’s the OSHA part of us that says no way! A compromise will always be found between getting a more intimate shot and being safe on a job site. 

Keep watching our instagram and linkedin profiles for new exciting footage #alwaysimproving

Harmon Solar (move to last piece)

We love being a part of the Harmon Solar projects that are heating up all across the valley, so we decided to share some of our latest photos from our collaboration together.

Solar is the new frontier in energy, and detailed observation by drone is crucial for its development. We can get quality pictures of thermal installations, use thermal imaging to prove that solar cells are functioning, or even use a drone to help create engineering designs for solar installations. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll have more fun updates in the next edition. Watch for information on an interesting city roof inspection, our new Las Vegas website and some of the fun movie shoots we are a part of. And those are just the things we already have planned to share with you.

Who knows what could happen between then and now… maybe you’ll even need some state-of-the-art drone work. If you do, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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