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Jul 2021 Newsletter: Another milestone reached, and this one is all thanks to you!

Extreme Aerial Productions vans and drones

What an honor to reach this landmark - to have such awesome clients and fans.

What's the big milestone? 100 Google reviews and counting!

First of all, thank you so much for keeping us busy. We wouldn't be doing what we do if we didn't love doing it. You have constantly challenged us and pushed the limits of our knowledge and tech with your requests: Can your drone find a lost animal? Can you fly under that bridge to photograph the underside? How about surveying the Moon? Well, that one may be beyond our reach for a few more years, but as soon as we can, you'll be sure to find one of our drones hovering over the Sea of Tranquility, propelled by your support.

Would you help spread some love?

So, if you have used our services (check out our new ones below) and want to spread some love, we’d appreciate it if you could leave us a review. These reviews are incredibly valuable for us, and for our business—and are one of the core ways new people find out about Extreme Aerial. If you have 5 minutes to spare, please do leave us a review here:


Mark and the EAP Team


Flying in the summer heat? Yes we can, yes we do!

We’re heating up! Seriously, it’s really hot out there. The market may be hot, but with summer about to enter its peak amidst dry conditions, job sites are even hotter, leading to some new restrictions for drone operators… but we don’t let that stop us.

When we can’t fly midday under the hot southwest sun, we fly at night, be it for a concrete pour at 2am, a thermal building scan with the HVAC system cranked up full-force at night to look for leaks, or simply because we have a bit of usable (and cooler) light to work with from 5am to 8:30am. Whatever the case, we’ll be there to get the job done, doing what we love most. If you do catch us in hot weather with the AC blasting in our vans, that’s not us trying to stay cool, that’s us trying to keep the drone batteries cool so we can keep flying safely.

In any case, three of our aircraft are rated to fly at 122 degrees… but that’s Gobi Desert hot. If it’s 122 degrees, you’re more likely to find us at the nearest Dairy Queen.

Don’t miss out on our new services!

  1. CAD work - Linework, design, survey and engineer-grade point clouds for Alta Using a crack team of survey and photogrammetry specialists, we are now delivering top-of-the-line linework that’s performed manually at the speed of AI without the mistakes of AI. So, if you're an engineering firm or survey company that needs faster line work, actual photogrammetry that can be ground-truthed and a process that you can stamp, hit us up. We save you time and money and allow you to be more engaged with customers. See a file example of 500 acres

  2. Trimble business center and the SP S896 RTX and TSC7 Collector No, we aren’t surveyors, but we can now check on your job sites and fly to local coordinates to ensure absolute tolerances set up by the survey team. All the data is homologous and we are all in the same ecosystem, even when dealing with strange coordinate systems like Phoenix 1929.

  3. Digital fly-throughs from point clouds As an added value, we help clients visualize their projects from drone data. Check out these super cool point cloud fly-throughs. And yes we can even add people and vehicles to the BIM model.

When the red phone rings… we answer!

Well, we don’t actually have a red phone in our office, and our nuclear football is a case full of camera and drone equipment... but we do get called on urgent missions.

We recently received just such an early morning call - and it was a BIG one. By that evening, we had a contract and our flights (commercial and drone) were booked. We found ourselves in historic Spotsylvania, Virginia, responsible for helping an amazing team of field engineers complete a 6,500-acre survey project and getting their drone pilots on track using the tried and true tech we have been using for 4 years now.

Surveying 6,500 acres is a massive undertaking, but only 50 acres of forest can be felled at one time. After each section was cleared, our team did what they do best and went flying, gathering accurate geospatial info that was then handed off to the design team so that grading and planning could begin. And that was just Day 1! What were days 2,3,4 and 5 like? Rinse and repeat - you get the idea, lots of flying, ground-truthing and data gathering.

Finally, after flying 2,000 acres to get the OG and tightening up the production workflow including permanent GCP placement, using aero points, site calibration, uniform projections and a processing input and export, we found ourselves back home three days later having left behind a happy client. Here’s what they had to say about our work:

“Extreme Aerial was a great company to work with! They definitely went above and beyond what we requested to give us the best experience possible and help our company grow.”

A major part of this task was helping our client’s drone department get things right—work we love doing! 90% of our clients use drones as a tool, but it’s only a small part of what they do, so they do the best they can with what they’ve got. Drones are 100% of what we do. It’s the focus of all our energy and passion, something we really enjoy sharing when asked. We are always here to help drone departments big and large. Let’s work together and learn together!

Chevy has a secret new truck - shhhhhhh

Uh… truck? What new truck? Oh well, looks like we already let the beans spill a little.

We went to the proving grounds in Yuma last week to chase around a new souped-up Chevy. Don’t make us say anymore! We can’t tell you what it is or even what it looks like. What we can tell you is that at least one of us will be trading in a High Country for one as soon as it hits the market later this year! Stay tuned for their truck and - better yet - for the awesome footage we got of it.

Thermal Building Scan

It’s pretty common that we are asked to prove that something isn’t working, but it’s always a nice surprise when we end up documenting a job well done.

Apodaca does amazing work with building panels, metal framing, decorative stonework and many other things, and they commissioned us to show that their windows, panels and flashing were correctly installed in a specific building. Gliding 20 stories up, we showed in images that the installation was indeed up to spec. What’s more, we ran a thermal scan with the floor under load and proved that there were no air leaks what so… ok, well, almost no air leaks! Thanks drone guy.

thermal image of building

Don’t miss next month’s edition of the newsletter! We will be telling you all about Buesing at TSMC (Tawainese Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation) and giving a shout-out to Valley Rain for their cool projects. We’ve also got a crazy FPV (first-person view) video to share, as well as some information on conducting a traffic survey with a tether...

In the meantime, let’s hope for the beautiful clear skies of summer, just with a little less heat. Don’t hesitate to let us know what kind of drone work you need done this summer!

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