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Aerial videos and photography using drones, uavs, uas
FAA Approved 333/107 - Insured - Legal Drone/UAS/UAV Operation
FAA Approved Day and Night Operations in Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo airspaces
FAA Approved Flying Over People Waiver 

Aerial Drone Photography and Video in Las Vegas, Nevada

Real Estate Drone Photography

Looking to build property in Las Vegas? Planning on listing the completed property? Since most people look for their next home online, image quality and selection are key factors to getting property noticed and sold. 

72.2% of realtors agree that high-quality photography helps them win more listings. With drone photography you are able to get the best, high quality images of your home from every angle possible.

Not only does high quality images increase the frequency in which homes are sold, but they can also help increase the listing price. According to a study, homes listed with high-quality images were able to list a 47% higher offer rate per square foot. 

So why not use this quick and cost effective way to make more money on your listing?

Prospective Homeowners 

Real Estate photography in Las Vegas is nothing new, so why is aerial photography so important? Well, did you know that properties with aerial imagery are 68% more likely to sell than those without it?

“Homebuyers spend an average of 124 hours finding a new house. While you can grab a buyer's attention even without an image, using photos help retain viewer attention for 20 seconds. This is why houses with professional images get 61% more views and sell faster even with only a few days on the market”. - Source

Having professional aerial photos can be the deciding factor on whether your property gets sold. Making sure your listing stands out against competition is the first step and with the use of drone technology, you will be able to show prospective buyers everything your property has to offer. Take advantage of the perspective from up above.

Let's imagine you are searching for your next property investment. You’ve done all the research on square footage, you’ve seen photos of the interior and exterior, you know the home has curb appeal and love the neighborhood. Now you're wondering what the vicinity looks like, how to assess the structure, or if there would be enough space for build outs or maybe even a pool.  If only there was a way to see what the property looks like from above to get a better idea.

Drone photography and videography has allowed for every angle of the property to be captured, and since buyers are interested in seeing these, you want to make sure every perspective is included in the way a listing is presented. Potential buyers are able to get a better idea of the space available, see how the surrounding neighborhood looks, as well as see elements of the house that can only be seen from above. It ultimately helps the buyers visualize themselves in the space. Create that emotional connection between the buyer and the property.

Location is key when it comes to investing in property which means aerial photography is crucial to showing the community surrounding it. If the property is located on lush acres of land, or has amenities that look bigger and better from above, there may be more incentive to buy. 

Show your potential buyers beautiful, high quality images and videos of the property they're looking to purchase. 

Key benefits of Las Vegas aerial photography and videography:​​

  • Perform building and rooftop inspections

  • Full view of property size to help make informed construction decisions 

  • View of immediate vicinity

  • Cost effective

  • High quality images and videos

From Google Reviews:

"They are true storytellers."

"EAP brought out the full crew, state of the art  ground cameras, audio, and drones to film a property I am selling for my clients; a 28 acre Cave Creek property that hasn’t been seen by the public in over 50 years.  They are true storytellers and everyone at hand and even in post production conveyed the emotion of the property for sale.  The project was completed on time and is absolutely gorgeous."

- Judy Zimet

Property Development

Along with prospective home buyers, drone photography and videography is also beneficial for property developers for both commercial and residential real estate. Having an aerial view can be crucial in determining how land or a building can be properly used or constructed.  Once the property is complete drone photography can be used to showcase the site.

In Las Vegas, hotel development is at the forefront, and in order to stand out, developers have turned to the use of drones to first inspect and then to market their property. Renowned hotel and brand management company Dream Hotel Group has recently announced plans to debut its flagship lifestyle brand Dream Hotels on Las Vegas Strip and has partnered with Extreme Aerial Productions to be their drone provider.


Using drone photography is the most efficient, safest, cost effective way to do home and land inspections. Before the use of drones, planes or helicopters were the only way to get an aerial view of property, resulting in time limitations and costly rates. Drones are able to scan the area in half the time required to inspect property manually.

Drones with 4k resolution can hover over and zoom into a specific area of property to check for potential problems, flaws and damage and also move into tight spaces. Thermal cameras on drones are able to  detect heat differentials that reveal potential leaks.

When it comes to building inspections, safety is a priority. Drone technology has changed the way inspections are done by making it safe. Remote-controlled drones eliminate the risks of having an inspector scale buildings, fall into things or get stuck in tight spaces.

Another key benefit that makes drone technology the most beneficial when doing property inspections is its ability to share images easily. Having digital images and videos of the property is crucial to share with developers, contractors, stakeholders and anyone who needs to be a part of the process, to have a clear picture of any potential issues.

Drone technology can be used for: 

  • 3D Modeling and Plans

  • Undeveloped Land Assessments

  • Real Estate Construction 

  • Aerial Mapping 

  • Surveying

  • Building Inspections

  • Energy Inspections

  • Land Management

  • Agriculture assessments

Solar Power / Wind / Cell Tower Inspections 

Drone service inspections are becoming the standard for industry leaders in renewable energy. Leading experts in solar power, wind, cell towers, and power lines have turned to the use of drone technology to safely, efficiently and cost effectively do inspections

Rental Properties

Are you a self lister interested in boosting your sales for your rental, timeshare or Airbnb property in Las Vegas? The use of drone photography and videography is the perfect cost effective marketing tool to make your space stand out against the rest and get your space booked quickly.

Have a great pool or a great outdoor space? Want to show how close your home is to the nearby attractions of Las Vegas? Let potential renters get a view from above of just how much your property has to offer.

According to Airbnb, professional photography has a 40% increase in potential earnings, booked 24% more than listings without and hosts are able to raise their nightly price by 26%. By adding high quality aerial images you are showcasing your property in the best possible way. Make your listings stand out against your competition.

Events and Trade Shows

Want to find the best way to capture and market your next Las Vegas event?  Use aerial drone photography to capture the atmosphere of your next fundraiser, concert, trade show, social event, wedding or any special occasion taking place. Get high quality images and videos that make the viewer feel like they were a part of the action.

  • Drone Photography and video for Fundraisers

  • Drone Photography and Video for Sporting Events

  • Drone Photography and Video for Las Vegas Trade Shows and Conventions

  • Drone Photography and Video for Festivals and concerts

  • Drone Photography and Video for Weddings

  • Drone Photography and Video Networking Events

There are many challenges when it comes to photographing events with traditional photography, like not being able to capture the full scope of action. By using drone photography  you are able to get the full view from above. These high-resolution images will enhance marketing materials, websites and social media to stand out against the rest.

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Aerial videos and photography using drones, uavs, uas
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