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Aerial videos and photography using drones, uavs, uas
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Construction Drone Photography in Las Vegas, Nevada

Drones are changing how companies are approaching construction projects in Las Vegas, Nevada, and in this article, we will highlight why you should consider drone photography too. Aerial photography has proven to be invaluable in construction and real estate because it can take expansive aerial photos of the places and help make drastic improvements to the way buildings are constructed, marketed, and sold.

Las Vegas is the epitome of everything luxurious and bling, and it’s filled with ornate buildings and interesting architecture.

We have created a list of drone services that you may offer to Las Vegas clients when in a real estate and construction drone company:

1. Construction Photography/Promotional Photography - helps to highlight the positive aspects of the construction company and also gives a variety of images featuring the project site, workers, machinery, beautiful architectural design, and more. Las Vegas is known for its bright lights and vast views, and drone photography can really accentuate it.

2. Drone inspections - a visual inspection that uses the drone's camera to act as the inspector's eyes. This can help the inspector avoid putting themselves into harmful situations. If you’re not fully aware, in almost every industry in Las Vegas, drone inspections are being performed as part of its maintenance procedures. They use a drone to collect visual data on the condition of an asset. By using drone technology you are able to get an easier, more precise survey of the area.

3. Drone Monitoring/Surveillance - Las Vegas has tall buildings that need self-governing drones to boost the capabilities of the remote surveillance system. Drones can provide a mobile vision of all points of view without blind spots, enabling speedy detection and identification of the threat. Remote surveillance by drones is also a solution for temporary installations, such as construction sites. Remote monitoring by drone makes it possible to ensure permanent surveillance of these sites without putting the risk on the safety of security and maintenance teams.

4. Health and safety inductions - the first thing a new employee or contractor in Las Vegas needs to know in a new organization or workplace is to show the specific hazards of the site, the site emergency locations, and overall site tour. The drone makes it faster, cheaper, and more effective to do a thorough site induction at a fraction of the time and cost of regular site induction. 

5. Site logistics - Construction sites are ever-evolving and activities on-site don't always stick to the program of work as set out in the contract documents. Drones can provide a real-time update of what is going on, giving a good overview of potential issues, such as moving vehicles, machinery, cranes, and so on while providing at a cheaper cost and a faster speed than somebody on site.

Drone photography allows images and audio/video to be captured in a way that is not possible for human photographers and videographers. This ability can be provided by the flying skills of drones for aerial photography, their small size, or their ability to endure harsh environments.

When operating a real estate business in Las Vegas, it is important to stand out. Amazing photos and videos are more valuable than ever when luring a buyer. Buyers appreciate factual, gorgeous photos that drone photography can give, that is why in Las Vegas, real estate drone photographers are now in demand. Drone photography highlights property features, raises its value, and provides a different perspective for a buyer to fully appreciate the place, and is perfect for sharing on social media.

From Google Reviews:

"Extreme Aerial Productions is an excellent company to work with!"

"We have hired them to perform GPS surveys of a 65 acre project in Phoenix and have saved time and money with the accuracy of their data. Mark Taylor was able guide me through the data portal and empower us with the software tools to present our quantities to the owner. In addition, the photos and videos we received have impressed the project owner and will be great additions to our website portfolio. Extreme Aerial has fit our scheduling and budget needs every time."

Tiffany Construction Co.

A joint report of Digital House Hunt: Consumer and Market Trends in Real Estate and the National Association of Realtors, revealed just how much homebuyers depend on visual marketing to make a judgment and have decisions. Studies show that consumers are more likely to rely on aerial view or drone photography:

  • 86% of homebuyers use videos to learn more about the community they’re considering moving to.

  • 54% watch real estate videos for general information about a particular home.

  • 44% of homebuyers use real estate videos to compare and contrast their choices.

  • 38% say they use videos to learn about more specific features of a home.

Also on a recent survey by NAR, nearly 20% of realtors are using drones while 56%  which is more than half of them are not using drones currently and 18% are planning to use drones in the future.

Drones are not only for real estate or construction, but it is also for agricultural use. A report from PwC recently says the market for agricultural drones is likely to be worth a massive $32.4 billion, second only to infrastructure.

You can now see the importance of how aerial photography can benefit your next construction project. See where you can apply drone photography to maximize the value of your construction property. Drone Photography Services provides applications where aerial photography drones can be used cost-effectively in the construction industry, growing exceedingly in the next years to come.

Take advantage of all these unique perspectives that drone photography has to offer by allowing your potential buyer to see their future home and watch just how quickly it will sell.

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Aerial videos and photography using drones, uavs, uas
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