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Aerial videos and photography using drones, uavs, uas
FAA Approved 333/107 - Insured - Legal Drone/UAS/UAV Operation
FAA Approved Day and Night Operations in Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo airspaces
FAA Approved Flying Over People Waiver 
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Aerial Drone Photography for Residential and Commercial RE in Las Vegas, Nevada

Marketing a real estate property in Las Vegas is one of the most difficult things to do in business today. But do you know what can help real estate business marketing? Drones. In this article, we will cover how drone photography and videography are essential for residential and commercial real estate business in Las Vegas. Real estate in Las Vegas is a hot market, may it be in short stay rentals or buying your own residential or commercial land, drone photography will be your best friend for marketing your real estate or construction business.

Residential Real Estate

Las Vegas is a big rental property market and residential real estate is very in demand. Residential real estate is anything that speaks about homing, it includes apartments, condos, townhouses and short stay rentals or Airbnb which is increasingly progressing in the area. But It's challenging for those who are moving to a new neighborhood to get a sense of what they would expect. This is where drones sneak in when showcasing the beauty and appreciation of the aerial photography of the neighborhood and can provide a smoother tour of the house than what is seen with a traditional camera. Great marketing really helps and drone photography can give these benefits to any realtors in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.

In an annual real estate report it states that the drone industry’s value was estimated at $3.3 billion in 2015; by 2025, it’s expected to be $90 billion. It seems that every level of the market is beginning to experiment with drone-based photography.

From Google Reviews:

"You're missing out on an exceptional marketing opportunity if you're not using Extreme Aerial Productions."

"As a real estate agent who specializes in luxury properties, I know the importance of creating high end, compelling marketing materials to attract the luxury buyer.Perched high on the side of a mountain, this home had stunning views that had to be experienced to be believed. Since the property was a bit remote, I knew I needed to call in the best to capture the majesty of the surrounding forest, mountains, and landscape. Within minutes of posting the video on our Luxury Prescott YouTube Channel, we began to get calls from interested buyers! If you're a builder, developer, or agent selling custom homes, you're missing out on an exceptional marketing opportunity if you're not using Extreme Aerial Productions for your drone and video projects."

-Gwen Holloway, Luxury Prescott Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Purchasing commercial real estate in Las Vegas generally requires research as well as capital. Using drones for commercial real estate research as well as promotion, can get you ahead of competition while making your projects more appealing to renters and buyers. Drone aerial photography is a new way to stand out from the crowd. Give your listing in the real estate business an essential value and unique opportunities and perspectives that drone photography can present. Here are some of the businesses in commercial real estate that may need aerial photography for their marketing:

  • Hotels

  • Shopping malls

  • Event venues

  • Car parking lots

Sell these commercial real estate listings faster and attract more clients by showcasing your commercial property with views from above. You can feature the beauty of these places through high quality aerial footage - such as panoramas, images and video tours. Highlight your properties’ proximity to nearby amenities, roads, and scenic views around the place.

Rural/Undeveloped Land

We already know that Las Vegas is famous for casinos and nightlife, but most of Nevada is rural vacant land or undeveloped land. Land in Nevada is a smart investment with potential for good ROI. This is because land doesn’t depreciate. The only challenge is how to market these lands. Let drone photography do the work for you with aerial views of your undeveloped land. Drone photography is a powerful tool that will up your marketing game. Use your photos and images to tell a story about the property you’re selling.

There are many options of using aerial photography on how to level up your selling point of rural vacant lands in Las Vegas, Nevada. Aerial Photography helps you market your undeveloped land with high quality drone footage. By showing off a property’s unique attributes, such as architectural design, acreage, professional landscaping and a property’s relationship to its surroundings.

You now know why drone photography is so effective for Las Vegas realtors and developers. By combining drone footage taken at different times it is possible to show how the property changes throughout the day, from dawn to dusk. You might even give potential customers a virtual tour of a city. Las Vegas is the destination point of millions of visitors. You can never go wrong when putting aerial drone photography into your option for your marketing style.

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Aerial videos and photography using drones, uavs, uas
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All operations by Extreme Aerial Productions LLC comply with all Federal and State laws including, but not limited to, Section 333 of Public Law 112-95 in reference to 49 USC 44704, 14 CFR Parts 1, 45, 47, 61, 91,NTSB Part 830, and ARS 13-1504, 1602, and 1424.And now Part 107 14 CFR Parts 21, 43, 61, 91, 101, 107, 119, 133, and 183.

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