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Aerial videos and photography using drones, uavs, uas
FAA Approved 333/107 - Insured - Legal Drone/UAS/UAV Operation
FAA Approved Day and Night Operations in Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo airspaces
FAA Approved Flying Over People Waiver 

Aerial Drone Surveying and Mapping in Nevada

Aerial drone photography in Las Vegas is becoming the standard for real estate listings, but did you know drones can help with everything from inspections to construction? Real estate developers have gotten savvy with using this technology to their best advantage, which saves them both time and money. So just how does drone photography help property development?

Here are some of the key components of drone photography for Real Estate that we will discuss:

  • BIM, 3D Planning and Construction

  • Drone Surveying and Mapping

  • Inspections and Safety

  • Marketing

BIM, 3D Planning and Construction

Drones can be used in the very first steps of property development: Building Information Models (BIM). BIM is a project management technique which uses a 3D modelling process that can be created through drone photo imaging. From plumbing to exteriors, using BIM allows architects, contractors, engineers, and construction professionals the necessary insight to properly plan, design, construct, and manage property.

Having a BIM model significantly reduces errors and obstacles that may arise. These show volumetric measurements to have an accurate understanding of how much material you may need so you can plan effectively. Thus the process of planning for these materials is much faster and more efficient than hand measurements. EAP drone photography services in Las Vegas, allows for real estate professionals to have a BIM model for their next property investment.

Drone Surveying and Mapping

If you are planning to build a new property or add an expansion, having a view from above is the first step. Drone aerial surveys are used to help to plan site layout to ensure the construction is done in a safe and efficient manner. Having an aerial view allows for developers and contractors to get a full scope to properly plan and build accordingly. They can even be used to simulate real-life conditions to help build any preventative plans. Using survey grade GPS to create photogrammetry and maps, helps the planning process in real time as it can then be easily communicated on site. 

Inspections and Safety

Companies and leaders in the renewable energy industry have turned to using drone technology for inspections of solar, wind turbines and cell towers. But, when it comes to real estate, the use of drones for inspections has also been the go-to for property inspections and safety checks. Drones that have zoom and thermal imaging capabilities are perfect for advanced inspections to check for land compliance and to take preventive measures.

At EAP, zoom and thermal drones are used for inspections and even for emergency live imaging. The use of drones has changed the way we are able to safely, efficiently and cost effectively do inspections.

EAP Case Study: White Hills Mortenson Project Wind Farm

For the construction of a utility scale wind farm in White Hills, Arizona, EAP drones were used for overall site inspection. Flying 650 miles of drone flights to photograph 52 miles of road, the site was able to calculate material moved, spoils to back fill, and confirm roads to grade for the165 wind turbines.

“This has been one of the better experiences we’ve had utilizing drone technology for grading analysis.  Appreciate the willingness to sit down and teach the team how to utilize the software.  That is often the missing link in all of the work done to get the data.”

- Tom Kubes, White Hills Mortenson Project Wind Farm

EAP has just been granted a waiver to fly at McCarran International Airport with coordination with the ATC for day and night safety missions.


Lastly, and one of the most popular ways drones are used are for the marketing of the property. From the initial photos of land to market to potential property developers, to photos of the fully developed property to use for its real estate listing, having high quality photos are the key for marketing your property.

Did you know that homes listed with high-quality images were able to list a 47% higher offer rate per square foot? Or that properties with aerial imagery are 68% more likely to sell than those without it? The use of drone technology has completely changed and upgraded just how well real estate, whether commercial or residential, can be sold.

With its many uses from photos, videos, mapping and measurements it’s no wonder that drone technology has become extremely important in the Las Vegas construction industry. Over the last few years, the usage of drones has rapidly increased for architects, engineers, construction companies, surveyors and contractors. With 3D models being built with drones, and imaging scanning the land, you are able to safely, accurately and cost effectively plan your property.

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Aerial videos and photography using drones, uavs, uas
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